CCM Real Estate

CCM Real Estate

Family Owned, Cash-Flow Driven

CCM Real Estate launched in 2009 to invest in commercial real estate throughout the eastern United States. Part of the CCM Group, we are a family owned company that acquires, develops and asset manages various types of commercial real estate throughout the eastern United States.

Our preferred method of ownership is as the majority equity investor, in partnership with a local operating partner.

Focused on generating steady, risk-adjusted returns, CCM Real Estate invests in properties that are either generating cash today, or will within three years. We continually look for ways to reduce risk, and invest where we feel downside is quantifiable and limited.

Key Advantages to Fuel Growth

Real estate investing is competitive. There are many small firms that rely on friends and family investors to execute transactions, and they are usually limited in the size and number of deals that they can do. On the other side of the spectrum are larger, institutional investors whose minimum deal-size requirements keep them out of many markets.

CCM Real Estate is focused on the underserved segment in between these markets. We have the experience and knowledge base to rival institutional investors – with a faster decision-making process and full discretion when it comes to our investments. We are a single phone call away, without the unnecessary layers of bureaucracy.

Our target deal size is above what most individual investors can afford, yet below what most institutions are willing to fund. For specifics on our investment criteria, please click here.

Being privately funded, without the pressure of outside investors, gives CCM Real Estate unique flexibility in both deal structure and hold period. This allows us to make better decisions in times of crisis and endure short-term market fluctuations. Real estate is cyclical, and we are in it for the long term.

Finally, our association with CCM Energy, another CCM Group company, brings unique value to our real estate investments. We work closely with our energy colleagues to look for opportunities to deploy new technologies to lower operating costs, generate new revenue streams, and increase the value of our real estate to our customers: our tenants.

Taken together, CCM Real Estate has built a series of robust, tangible differentiators that distinguish us from other real estate investment firms.

Preferred Equity Source for Operators

CCM Real Estate knows the value of a good operating partner and recognizes that the best operators have multiple sources of equity. We pride ourselves on being the preferred equity source for high-quality operators who put a premium on fairness, reliability and quick decision-making.

Based on a model of mutual respect and aligned incentives, we have built strong, lasting relationships with our operating partners. Investing alongside these operators allows us to leverage our experience and knowledge, as well as that of our partners, to diversify our portfolio by geography, product type, risk level and timing.

Real estate is local. The same is true of our operating partners. They have geographic focus where they grew up, went to school and built businesses, resulting in unparalleled network advantages. For more information on our operating partners, please click here.

As a preferred equity source, operators give us the first look at any deal that they find, allowing CCM Real Estate to tailor its investment strategy to the specific opportunities that meet our risk-and-return thresholds in a given market.